Considering Bed Frames For Your Queen Canopy Bed

You’re purchasing a queen canopy bed but are unsure which of three types of bed frames will be best for the room in which the bed will reside. With a canopy bed, the frame will often include a specific headboard, footboard, and canopy assembly, as the frame must support the mattress, as well as serve as the foundation for the other elements. To a degree, what your mattress sits on influences the look of the entire bed.

Going Natural

Wooden bed frames, which use wood slats running the width of the frame to support the bed, offer an ample foundation and go well when the rest of the framing elements, the footboard, headboard, and canopy, are also made of wood.

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Some wood canopies are sleek and modern looking, while others are more ornate, offering an old-world feel. Whatever the case may be, wood will provide you with a natural look and feel. Also, wood provides consumers with many color choices, from dark mahogany to light pine, making it adaptable to just about any color scheme.

Forging A Headboard

Metal bed frames, which are shaped through a forging process, may be made of iron or brass. Metal is also a fine choice for a frame. They are sturdy and adaptable, while stylistically offering many different options.

Iron bed frames date back to the 17th century, and many of these provide consumers with a classic look and feel. Overall, bed frames made from iron, tend to be less weighty and bulky than wood frames.

Brass, which will glisten and brighten your room, is a very malleable metal, and surfaces, can have a certain sweep and arc that, along with the color, create a softer, less severe look than iron.

Consider the Room and Décor

Often, with a canopy bed, your choice of bed frame will depend upon the room. Some factors include:

  • The décor, which will help determine if you go with metal or wood.

  • The size of the room will influence your choice, with smaller rooms accommodating sleeker metal frames more easily.

  • The amount of light in the room can be a factor, as dark bed frames in a dark room may create an oppressive feel; brighten the room with a light frame. 

  • Room colors, as some colors coordinate much better with metals, while others are better with woods. 

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Many Choices

In many cases, when buying a canopy bed, the material of which your frame is made will be dictated by the style of the bed. No matter what type of frame is used, all will provide your mattress with proper support, which is the primary function of all bed frames.

If purchasing the basic frame, which is composed of the parts that sit on the floor, including the bed rails, center mattress support system, wheels or glides and feet, you’ll need to make sure that it will connect securely to the headboard and footboard. If it doesn’t, then you’ll have structural problems that will compromise the entire frame.

Whatever your choice may be, one thing you’ll find when purchasing a canopy bed is there are a variety of options and choices in frames.